TACRAO Listserv

Share your views, ask for help, or make announcements to the entire membership via email quickly and easily with the TACRAO Listserv.  It is open to all active/institutional members. Advertisements and solicitations are not allowed on the listserv.  Job openings and postings at member institutions are allowed and encouraged.


Before you can email the listserv, please make sure you are subscribed to it. If you are not, please sign up by going to the Listserv page.

If you wish to stop receiving listserv emails and remove yourself from the list, go to the Listserv page and follow the instructions under the TACRAO Subscribers area.

If you are already subscribed and want to send an email to all TACRAO listserv members, please send to [email protected]. Please note that the email sent, replied to or forwarded to this address will be received by all members of the listserv.