Affiliate Membership

TACRAO affiliate membership is intended for non-educational entities who have a purpose that parallels TACARAO. 


Recognition as TACRAO affiliate member/partner.

Current Member Login

If your institution is already a TACRAO affiliate member, you do not need to re-apply for membership; a new invoice will be issued each year.

If you need assistance with your login or have any questions, please contact the TACRAO secretary

New Membership Information
and Login

If you are interested in petitioning for affiliate membership, please see the following:

  • Requirements: 
    *Non-educational entity
    *Do not desire college day/night list access or membership list access
    *Do not plan to solicit product/service
    *Organization has purpose parallel to TACRAO 
  • Pricing:
    $50 per year

  • Application Process: 
    • Please email the TACRAO secretary
    • Await Decision: All membership applications will be reviewed prior to approval.

Institutions not meeting the criteria for membership, should visit our main membership and subscriptions page for more participation options. 

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