Subscription to the College Day/Night Recruiting Schedule

(for non-TACRAO members)


TACRAO subscription is intended for accredited out-of-state institutions, foreign institutions, and our military partners. 

This page is not intended for current TACRAO members, high schools, or vendors. If you would like to see other contacts, please visit our main membership/subscription overview page

If you are already an active member/subscriber, you can access our quick College Day/Night Schedule link.


*Access to the complete College Day/Night Schedule
*Access to view the Listserv for College Day/Night Updates
(Note: Currently requires separate sign-up process; please see "Related Links" below)

Current Subscriber Login

If your institution is already a TACRAO subscriber, you may need to annually sign up for individual fairs or virtual fair access, but you do not need to re-apply for the subscription each year; an active member's invoice will be rebilled each year and information about additional sign ups will be available on the College Day/Night page and via the listserv.  

Please search the Subscriber Directory to see if your school is an active member and/or to locate your key contact. 

Subscription Notes:

  • To be added to an existing membership the key contact needs to approve you as a new member. If the key contact is no longer at your institution, you can contact the secretary (FAQ page) for assistance.
  • Your institution will have a key contact, but you can add additional members from your school so they can access the schedule. 

New Subscriber Information
and Login

If you are interested in petitioning for this year's college day/night subscription, please see the following:

  • Requirement: 
    Military partners (any branch), out-of-state accredited higher education institutions (1), and foreign  accredited (1) or highly recognized (2) higher education institutions.
    (1) Accreditation: Regionally accredited institutions and/or organizations recognized by CHEA or THECB-recognized accreditors. Please note that institutional and not individual program accreditations are reviewed.
    (2) Foreign Recognition: If the foreign country applicant's country does note require and/or recognize U.S. accreditation standards and has a different form of recognition, those designations can be considered on a case-by-case basis. 

    If you do not feel you meet the above requirements, please visit our main membership and subscriptions page

  • Pricing and Event Notes: 
    Access to the College Day/Night schedule and the associate updates is currently $250 per year; if you only access half a year, that rate cannot be pro-rated.  Please note that TACRAO is a non-profit organization, but individual in-person fairs, virtual fairs, and other expenses incurred to TACRAO or individual host schools may result in additional ad-hoc costs assigned to TACRAO members interested in the recruitment schedule.

    While most fairs are open to all TACRAO subscribers, fairs listed as Invitation Only/Private are subject to tighter registration requirements per the Fair Host/School.

    Events scheduled as part of the TACRAO Day/Night Schedule (Program dates, times, locations) are subject to change.

  • Application Process: 
    • Please email the TACRAO Secretary
    • Await Decision: All membership applications will be reviewed prior to approval. 

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