TACRAO Membership

TACRAO membership is intended for Texas institutions who are accredited by SACS-COC and provides a variety of benefits. 

Benefits *Voting Rights
*Access to College Day/Night Schedule
*Access to Listserv (note: currently requires separate sign-up process)
Current Member Login

If your institution is already a TACRAO member, you do not need to apply for membership.
To be added to an existing membership the key contact needs to approve you as a new member.

Please visit the FAQ page to see membership details and/or use our member search to locate your key contact.

New Membership Information
and Login

If you are interested in petitioning for membership, please see the following:

  • Requirement: Texas SACS-COC institution who is not a current, active member. 

  • Pricing: Up-to-date information related to current membership pricing is contained in the Bylaws.
    Unlimited members are included with the membership. Please note that TACRAO is a non-profit
    organization, but individual in-person fairs, virtual fairs, and other expenses incurred to TACRAO or individual
    host schools may result in additional ad-hoc costs assigned to TACRAO members interested in the recruitment schedule.

  • Application Process: 
    • Please email the TACRAO Secretary.
    • Await Decision: All membership applications will be reviewed prior to approval.

Institutions not meeting the criteria for membership, should visit our general membership and subscriptions page for more participation options. 

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