Guidelines for TACRAO Facilitators

Workshops and program sessions are the most important parts of the Annual Conference.  Program Facilitators are responsible for making sure the program session starts on time and for monitoring the progress of the program.  TACRAO has developed the following guidelines to help you have a successful session.

  1. If possible, contact the presenter(s) in advance of the conference to inquire how they would like to be introduced at the start of the session.
  2. Review Guidebook during conference for any session and/or location changes.  All last minute changes will be posted to Guidebook.
  3. Arrive at the room well before the session begins to meet the presenter(s) for last minute information and coordination.
  4. Begin the session on time.
  5. Announce the session number and title.  Remind the audience to complete the session evaluation in Guidebook.
  6. Introduce the presenter(s) and yourself to the audience.
  7. Monitor time to make sure the presenter(s) stays within the time limits.
  8. Moderate the question and answer period, if appropriate.
  9. Count the number of session attendees and in a separate session evaluation in Guidebook in the “Additional comments or recommendations” section of Guidebook for your session: Attendance = ##. You may also just email the session number, session title, and number of attendees to [email protected] if you rather.
  10. End the session on time.
  11. Remind the audience a final time to complete the session evaluation in Guidebook.